MP TV – Episode 88 – Let’s Distribute Some Knowledge On Food Distribution With Aaron Croghan

It’s been a while⌛️ since we talked about distribution🎁. Good thing we have Aaron Croghan, the District Sales Manager at Performance Food Group with us today😮‍💨! Aaron is a self described foodie🍔, with 12 years of experience with food distribution under his belt👖. He originally got into food by accident😳 but all it took was making a few bagels🥯 to build a life-long passion in the food and hospitality business. 👥Matt and Aaron get to dive into:

🥯Results come from what you put into them
🥯Relationships are earned
🥯Set your menu up for prosperity
🥯 Are your best items hidden in your menu?
🥯What are you famous for?
🥯You aren’t actually competing with your neighbor

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