MP TV – Episode 90 – LIVE in Las Vegas Alaska Live Event

MPTV looks👀 a little different this week as we get to see Matt do what he does best😎, talk about his story and marketing. We join Matt at the Alaska Live🎥 event in Las Vegas🎰 where he discloses some of his best held tips and advice😉 on his growing success📈 and how he has grown as a professional in the restaurant marketing world🌎. More specifically, Matt goes into
👊Reaching 600 people a year, makes an impact
👊ABR is THE key
👊How to get attention
👊Do the things you’re good at, hire people to do the things you aren’t
👊The downfalls of radio ads
👊The goal of America’s Best Restaurants is to tell the stories of places we don’t usually get to hear

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