Preparing Your Restaurant To Dominate The Recession – FREE Weekly Webinar

It’s simple, a recession is either already here or coming.
It’s just a matter of what “expert” you listen to or believe:)
Regardless, the MAJORITY of Restaurants will FEAR this.
And that’s good!

Why? Because you won’t and It will be your time to capitalize on their fear to take market share and grow your restaurant.

I’ve been through 4 major economic downturns.

I lost one business and $1 million CASH in one downturn, barely survived another, and then DOMINATED 2 others.

The two I dominated had one thing in common, I took a LOT of action. I didn’t sit back and wait, I took MASSIVE action in my marketing and sales. Not only did it help me grow while others shrank, it put me in a much better spot than others when the recession ended.

So, armed with that experience I want to help restaurants
for the next 52 weeks.

Every Monday at 3pm ET I’m going live in Zoom for a quick 20-30 minute webinar to introduce a weekly task you can do to help your business. Each webinar will be 1 topic, takeaway and 1 homework assignment for YOU!
These will be easy to digest and execute.

The formula is quite simple, take more action every week than anyone else. Over the next 52 weeks, if you listen to half of my tips and do half at 50% effort you will DOMINATE your fearful competitors.

Every week will be recorded and uploaded online for your to follow along when you can’t make the live. There will also be opportunities for restaurant owners to have free coaching sessions with me and my team to help with your homework.

CLICK below to register!…/reg…/WN_So-3Ec0BTT2k22-xEtbP7A

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