Radio Advertising vs Facebook Advertising

Are you adapting to what’s working in your business or simply finding a negative spin on what’s new so that you don’t have to adapt?

I see articles like this every day from mass media companies and Radio & TV stations. Instead of realizing there are WAY BETTER options for advertisers in 2018, they need to find “AMMO” against mediums taking their profits.

In this case “it’s radio”. Have you heard the terrible radio commericals touting “it’s radio” as the best medium to reach everyone. Well, here’s a look inside what they are using as ways to attempt to poke holes in Facebooks ability to do a much better job of drivings sales than what they can do on radio.

Ask yourself, at what point will the radio and tv stations realize their bed is made and it’s time to acknowledge what marketers already know, DIGITAL MARKETING like Facebook actually WORKS! It’s trackable, it’s predictable, it’s MEASURABLE. That catch phrase “ROI” is actually an option in Facebook advertising, unlike radio.

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