Restaurant marketing expert Matt Plapp reacts to GENIUS Coinbase Super Bowl ad and goes in-depth on how the independent restaurant industry can take advantage of their same strategy.

I frequently recommend that independent restaurant owners choose to outsmart their competition rather than outspending when it comes to developing their restaurant marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at some of the commercials on this year’s Super Bowl… More specifically, let’s look at the big boys… Pepsi, Mountain Dew, General Motors, Doritos, Taco Bell. You know… the ones that make your mouth water?

These big boys spend upwards of $6.5 Million per 30-second commercial!

While 99% of small businesses are worried they can’t outspend the big player… it’s time to start brainstorming how you can outsmart them!

Let’s Talk About The Coinbase Ad & Building An Unstoppable Brand

I would go as far as to say Coinbase outsmarted every other business that advertised during this year’s Super Bowl – I mean really! The QR code floating across the screen was genius… my dad thought his TV was broken! (Talk about gaining attention)

I talk about attracting attention, building a database, & retaining customers in almost all of my content. But In this case, we’ll talk about spending to build, not to sell… just like Coinbase did on their Super Bowl Ad.

They’re paving the road for all independent restaurant owners & small businesses – a company that understands the power of comprehensive customer data.

You should be spending your marketing efforts & dollars to build a database of customers or a loyal customer following.

Coinbase didn’t spend money to sell Doritos or Mountain Dew. They spent money to get people to take an action. In this case, it was to scan a QR code, that took you to a website with two options.

It was cool because, for me, I’ve been talking about a track, build, retain and, finally someone is listening! 🙂

Attracting & Retaining Attention

One of my biggest issues with standard restaurant acquisition marketing is that businesses and what I’ll refer to as “ordinary” marketing companies tend to focus your attention on a location where consumers can get too much.

We humans enjoy clicking things. So, when you run an AD and there are lots of buttons on the page you’re sending traffic to, people become confused and click away from the actual purpose of their visit!

But, as Coinbase nailed in their Super Bowl commercial, there were only two buttons…

Sign up and get $15 free…


Opt-in to win 3 million dollars…

They attracted attention and they built a traffic pattern because of the viewers who scanned the QR code can be re-targeted from backend Google and Facebook pixels.

PS… You can do this within your 4-walls with a QR code that takes customers to your menu on your website!

They then built the database of the new customers who opted in for the first time, while reengaging their current Coinbase subscribers by getting them to join a sexy contest.

Red Ocean Marketing VS. Blue Ocean Marketing

So for me, little ole Matt Plapp, it’s pretty cool because when I talk about restaurant marketing, I often use the red ocean & blue ocean analogy.

The red ocean is all about playing the same water all the sharks are in – a blood infested pool of sharks and their prey.

Whereas the blue water is calm & peaceful where nobody else is swimming. 

The independent restaurant industry isn’t playing in the blue ocean. They’re stuck in the bloodbath of sharks.

At America’s Best Restaurants, we preach all the time to our clients:




Page 41 of my book, Restaurant Marketing That Works, published a year and a half ago, covers what I call spend to build, not sell. Don’t advertise to your product or how great your restaurant is.

Your marketing strategies should build a database of engaged customers.

In Conclusion…

If this doesn’t show that the content we’re producing is teaching small, independent restaurant owners at a local level to get the confirmation that they need to let businesses like ours help, I don’t know what will.

We’re here to give you the restaurant marketing ideas you need to swim in the blue ocean. The best restaurant marketing strategies you need to succeed don’t mean you have to out-spend your competition… only out-smart.

You’re one marketing campaign away from a 6 figure wave.

So, as an independent restaurant owner, how will this Super Bowl Commercial impact how you create your restaurant marketing strategies in 2022 and beyond?

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