Restaurant Sales Increase Via Marketing

❓When was the last time you turned $30.23 into $2,700❗️

? $133.61 for 218 new customers in my clients messenger & email database.

$0.61 opt-ins…I’ll take that ?


?You may notice the budget was increased by 29.2% from yesterday to today AND that yielded at 56.8% increase in new messaging connections ?


Optimization & A/B testing my friends ?

This is why you hire PROS!

✔️Those 79 new connections cost $30.23

✔️28 of those people will visit right away and spend $442.40

✔️Annually those 79 opt-ins are worth aprox $2,700 in sales on the LOW end.

❓When was the last time you turned $30.23 into $2,700?

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