Restaurants, GET CREATIVE!

Restaurants, GET CREATIVE! Local places, like hospitals, clinics, and schools, are struggling to provide lunches for kids and employees.

Brian, the owner of a local BBQ restaurant, had this to say: “I talked to the local city school administration. They’re really struggling to feed these kids. So I asked if they had a voucher system or some way those kids could come into my restaurant, hand me a voucher, and I give them a specific meal – a small sandwich, a bag of chips, what have you – and I could collect on that voucher through the state, the city, what have you. Those are the things we need to be thinking about.”

What can you do to help the community right now?

On Tuesday, March 17th, I hosted 4 restaurant owners to talk about how they are tackling these tough times. The advice they all shared was amazing and will no doubt help many operators during this tough time.

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