Rock & Brews Restaurant Name Badge Marketing

Rock & Brews El Segundo I made this video for you, but honestly this is for ANY restaurant out there.

You all need to do a MUCH better job of capturing the data of the customers who are visiting your store. Business owners do not do a good job of getting your customers information while they are spending money with you and that’s costing your TENS OF THOUSANDS in sales every year.

We did a test recently and found that our online ads drove 34% of customers in for a visit while the in-store opt-in promotion got 67% back for an additional visit.

If you’re a restaurant owner and you want to find out HOW to create marketing like we did in this video, click the link below or message my page the keyword.


or click here

In this video we used a really simple tactic in Facebook Messenger with the scan code, this also works great with QR codes and custom urls like this one

Once you click the link above or message the page BIZCARD we will send you a message with access to the free training program.

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