Sales people have you ever heard of Google?

Business decision makers are busy people.  The day to day tasks of owning and operating a business are tough and most people never get the chance to experience this type of life.  Which brings me to my “rant” about sales people.  I’m a sales person and always have been.  In my days of selling advertising I’m sure I did my fair share to bug my clients, but I’m pretty confident it wasn’t due to not doing the obvious.  Every week I deal with reps from every advertising medium that exists.  Online ads, radio, tv, magazines, new apps, etc.  I handle 100+ inquiries per week on behalf of my clients.  Some people don’t like this, but I don’t mind it.  My clients are paying me to find every opportunity possible to drive sales and profits.

The bad part of this is dealing with the bad and lazy sales reps.  This blog is being written for 1 reason, STOP ASKING ME & MY CLIENTS FOR THEIR BASIC INFORMATION!  A week doesn’t go by that a rep doesn’t ask me for a clients website, phone number or address.  I don’t care about giving this to them, but when I sold this wasn’t a question I ever asked.  WHY?  It’s this little thing called THE INTERNET.  As sales people your job is to handle as much of the work as you can for your clients.  When you close a deal all you really need to do is get a signature and form of payment.  It doesn’t bother me that I need to type out my clients info and send it to them, that’s obliviously pretty easy.  It bothers me that they don’t do this on their own.  This is such a minor point in their sales process that it makes me wonder what else they are missing.  Do I have to hold their hand through every step of our business relationship, I hope not.  So in closing, sales people, make the process simpler for your clients.  It’s hard enough to close deals, the paperwork should be the easy part for the client.

Rant over 🙂  

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