So you want to have 100% Referrals

Duane Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Referral Marketing Expert
Duane Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Referral Marketing Expert

So you want to have 100% Referrals

You are at a Networking event and you start a conversation with a mature gentlemen who looks very successful. You ask him how he gets all of his clients. He says I only work on referrals.
You think that would be the ultimate quest. It would be great to only get business by referrals.
Whats stopping you?
Would you like to have a 100% of your business come from Referrals?
Just think no more knocking on doors , no more late nights calling people you don’t know, and no more hoping for business. No more 2% closing ratios I could move up the food chain to 85% to 90% closing ratio.
It would be great to get a referral call from a trusted referral partner and be introduced to a trusted friend of the referral partner who transfers that trust from them to you.
You sit down with the prospect and your only function is to make the sale and get the check.
How did that happen?
First you trained your referral partner. You informed him of your target market. You made him knowledgeable of your products and services and created a strong relationship . They became your sales person and you became a sales manager.
Next you educated your referral partner so they had all the necessary information to help you get a level 7 or higher referral . It increased to closing ration to 85% up 90%. Unbelievable.

Next they found the prospect you asked looking for and went ahead and informed them what great products and services you provide. They then told your story about what an unbelievably credible person you are and how they could not go wrong dealing with you. This is great I can hardly wait.
Next they arranged a meeting for you to meet and introduce you to the referred prospect.
You meet and your referral partner introduces you to the prospect and then he transfers the trust. Oh my god is this great.
Now the important stuff. You have to bring the order forms and collect the check.This is tough.
Isn’t it amazing what a strong relationship will do. Isn’t it amazing what happens when you educate your referral partner.
This can be you.
The opportunity is now
We at Referral Institute will help you to create the referral strategies so that this can be you.

!00% referrals.

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