These reps DID LISTEN!

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Matt Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Marketing & Social Media Consultant

Below are 3 marketing sales reps that went above and beyond this year to help me and my clients.  Read their stories and let me know the great reps you’ve dealt with.

1.  Doug Smith – and Rewind 94.9

I spoke with many reps for Hofbräuhaus for 2012’s media plans and had some pretty specific requests.  Most came back with the same thing, a schedule that was not near the budget and “added value” promotions that included ZERO thought and would not drive traffic.  Doug was one of the reps that did what he was supposed to do, in fact he went beyond.  His investment was not only on budget, but his 2 promotions were more than I expected.  Not only were they traffic driving, but they were actually worth more than the value he put on them.  In fact, the 1st promotion which was carried out in April turned out to be one of our best promotions of the year.  A $300 product investment on our part drove over $5,000 in sales at the restaurant with their “Administrators Day” promotion.  The best part is every month Doug’s invoices come in at the exact dollar amount he presented 6 months prior!

2.  Brent Weiner –  CBS Radio Pittsburgh

Brent was 1 of 3 radio reps I met with for Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh.  The first rep never called back after they EMAILED their presentation.  The second came in WAY over the budget.  Brent came in with a media package that was AMAZING.  I told Brent I was looking for an advertising schedule and a few live events at the restaurant.  We not only received the advertising we needed on the station, but he delivered 8 live events to us that included a live NFL Draft Show with current and former Steelers Players.  The value of his promotions were worth way more than I expected and a gesture that will build a long term relationship.

3.  Jeff Fosco –  WXIX Channel 19 Cincinnati

Jeff called me about a presentation their station was having for clients by a “marketing expert”.   I had to try hard not to blow him off, but I go to every sales pitch I can knowing that a great one is right around the corner.  I’ve been to the “jingle” pitches, the “expert” pitches, etc.  They all talk about the same stuff, they analyze your business and at the end of the presentation they ask for your entire budget for their stations because they are a PERFECT FIT:) This was different.  I met with Jeff, his manager and their marketing consultant.  Their presentation was great, it was right on with what my client needed and guess what…THEY DIDN’T ASK FOR MY ENTIRE BUDGET!  They showed me something that was really affordable and allowed us to do other stations and mediums to promote the clients business.  This was much appreciated and when Jeff calls now I pick up faster:)

Again, I have many great reps at TV & Radio Stations, Magazines, Newspapers, etc.  These 3 examples are just a few that have stood out this year.  After I blasted a few reps (not named ) in prior email and blog post (CLICK HERE TO READ IT), I thought it was important to highlight the reps that went over and above what was expected.  After all, it’s not that hard.  Just listen to the client, research the client and create a promotion with their ROI in mind and not your commission check.

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