What I Miss Most…

The Covid-19 outbreak and resulting shut down has created a void in many areas of life, including dine-in restaurant visits. I used to start my weekday mornings at Coffee Emporium with a nice coffee and strategy session for my business, but I can no longer do that with the restrictions in place.

If you own a restaurant or public business, ask yourself what you’re going to do once the restrictions are lifted. How are you going to restart and get your customers to come back?

You need to focus on the 3 following items to ensure your customers come back as soon as life returns to “normal.”
1. How Do I Create Deeper Relationships????
2. How Do I Sell Product NOW ????
3. How Do I Set Myself Up For What’s NEXT ????

Watch the full breakdown for advice about recovering and thriving during the shutdown: https://roiexperts.live/72

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