WOW, Your Birthday Marketing SUCKS!

WOW, Your Birthday Marketing SUCKS!

Today is my Birthday, and so far every company has done a VERY bad job.

1st – 3 identical emails from competing car dealers, SERIOUSLY?

2nd – Not 1, NOT 1 Facebook ad this week targeting me for my BDay

3rd – It’s after lunch on my BDay and of the hundreds of restaurants I’m signed up for that have my Bday, only a FEW have sent me an email


1st – 7 Hills Brewing – 1 Email a few days ago and a reminder today…LOVE IT

2nd – Big Mama’s & Poppa’s Pizza – Great FREE offer, not a coupon

3rd – Jason Lewis Chrysler – simple and to the point, not the same as EVERYONE else’s

If you want to stop SUCKING at very easy marketing, please let us help. We help HUNDREDS of restaurants nationwide on this very low hanging fruit…BIRTHDAYS

Message me and we’ll get you on a call to see what you’re doing and see how we can help or WORST CASE give you some free advice

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