Your Customers & Database Are Going To Be The Reason You Survive

Restaurants, your customers and your database are going to be the reason you survive the next few weeks. How are you tracking trends? How are you tracking sales? How are you actually USING your database?

Brian, the owner of a 1-location BBQ restaurant, says our program is extremely helpful in times like these. “We’ve been pushing hard on messenger. Today alone, I’m looking at the data in real time, I’ve had 17 redemptions, which makes up 18% of my total revenue today. I can track that in real time. Without that, I would be 18% lower in sales than I was today.” Without a trackable system, he wouldn’t be able to see these sales numbers or trends.

Chay, the owner of a 6-location pizza chain, said, “More importantly than those redemptions is my 13,000 people that I’ve got in my database since working with them in July.” With this database, he can now reach out to specific customers with specific offers for or reminders about his restaurants. Building your database is priceless!

On Tuesday, March 17th, I hosted 4 restaurant owners to talk about how they are tackling these tough times. The advice they all shared was amazing and will no doubt help many operators during this tough time.

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