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This still works! Back in 2020 we filmed this case study 4 years into our journey. Now we're 8 years in. Scroll down to check out our new documentary series.

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Helping Restaurants Find More
Frequent Customers Is What Matt Does

I know the reason most businesses DESPISE marketing, I’ve been in your shoes before. It’s because you have NO CLUE if it’s working and you work too freaking hard for your money to just give it away.

In April 2015 I decided to do something about that when my restaurant client Nick said:

“You Can’t Deposit Likes In The Bank”

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The Heroes of Hospitality

Join us on a journey through the innovative landscapes of restaurant marketing. Discover how Matt Plapp and Kamron Karington, through their unique visions and relentless drive, have become pivotal figures in revolutionizing the hospitality industry.

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How to Prevent 1-Star Reviews and Boost Your Restaurant’s Reputation #restaurantindustry

Ever wonder how to protect your restaurant from those dreaded 1-star reviews? Handling unsatisfied customers offline and resolving their issues can make all the difference, ensuring only satisfied customers leave reviews. Check out the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast for more restaurant marketing tips! https://www.youtube.com/@UCSQ0E9gW9v5GGW6zr0K9trg #IndependentRestaurant #RestaurantOwner #shorts
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