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Husband, Father, Author, Coach, Marketer & Speaker

Matt interviewing Paul Wahlberg

If you've made it this far then you're probably pretty familiar with the scene on the left, me on camera...BUT WHO AM I!

First, I'm a husband to Christy for the past 20 years, then a father to Paige & Cole.  Next I'm an AVID marketer, CrossFitter, Author, Speaker, Consultant & Coach.

My focus is always on FOOD & DRINKS, but at Restaurants & Breweries.  I've been in Marketing since 1999. I won't bore you with my life history (because that video is below), but I'll tell you in a few sentences what I do.

I help restaurants acquire customers and build relationships with those customers through marketing that has an ROI!  Next I speak and write about how we do this and last I coach other marketers and restaurant owners on how to do it themselves.

My Story, How I Got Into Digital Marketing & Consulting

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