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Who Is Matt Plapp?

Husband, Father, Author, Coach, Marketer & Speaker

If you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably pretty familiar with the scene in this picture, me on camera… BUT WHO AM I?

First, I’ve been a husband to Christy for the past 22 years, then a father to Paige & Cole. Next, I’m an AVID marketer, CrossFitter, Author, Speaker, Consultant & Business Coach. I’ve owned my marketing firm since 2008, and since then, we’ve helped hundreds of companies market with a purpose: ROI! Since 2016 our primary focus has been to help independent restaurant owners, and today we help restaurants all over the country.

I commonly get asked, “Matt, what do you do”?

#1 I’m the CEO of America’s Best Restaurants. We help independent restaurants tell their stories, acquire customers and build sales momentum.

#2 I’ve written three books on restaurant marketing, and my 4th is coming out in late 2023.

#3 I’ve personally traveled to over 1,000 restaurants to understand what works and what doesn’t regarding restaurant marketing. CLICK HERE to see what I learned on that path.

#4 I’m the host of 4 podcasts. MPTV is my podcast talking to restaurant owners and fellow entrepreneurs. Restaurant Expert Roundup is the 2nd podcast where I interview authors and influencers in the restaurant business. The 3rd is Own Their Phones; it’s a podcast with one of YOU, a restaurant owner. And the last is Restaurant Marketing Secrets.

At the end of the day, I exist to help independent restaurant owners WIN! And this didn’t start yesterday. In 1999, I began assisting restaurants to work for WGRR 103.5 with radio advertising. By 2008 I had become an accidental expert in digital marketing and turned my attention to consulting. Fast forward to 2015, and I’d created an online marketing strategy that helped restaurants FINALLY see results with their marketing and build their customer database like never before.

The video below tells my origin story and how I “accidentally” became an online marketing expert in 2003’ish. 

My Story, How I Got Into Digital Marketing & Consulting

Here’s me 6 years ago telling you how I got into this business.  Instead of updating it, you’ll see the raw, younger me 🙂