Understanding Restaurant Coupons & The EXP Dates

Expirations dates can cause a sense of urgency with your customers if done correctly. However, if you make the expiration date within too small of a window, your customers will not use the coupon or promotion.

How can you gauge what a good window for an expiration date is? Check out the full video for more details: https://roiexperts.live/76https://www.youtube.com/embed/0-oZG9jcNYk

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MP TV – Episode 6 – Dan Leyva from Wings Over

In episode 6 of MPTV, Dan Leyva, the Chief Wing Officer of Wings Over, and chicken wing franchise, sits down with Matt to discuss cultivating the perfect culture inside a franchise.


During this episode, we’ll cover:
Becoming a Franchise
???????? How to Serve, not just provide a service
???????? Preparedness
???????? Go-To Experiences
???????? Core Values
???????? Branding and Themes
and more!

*Please note, this interview was recorded prior to the Covid-19 Outbreak and accompanying major restaurant interruptions, but the topics are still relevant to today’s events.https://www.youtube.com/embed/wXMcZM6rXio

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Does Your Marketing Stop?

Where does your marketing stop?
Can you track who visited and invite them back?

With the ROI Engine, we can track in real-time who comes in and target them later to remind them to come back.

What else can the ROI Engine do? Check it out here: https://roiexperts.live/76

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