Use this strategy to make your restaurant more successful than Chik-Fil-A or Mcdonald’s!

It’s funny that companies still pump millions of dollars into TV commercials when that’s not even where consumers will see them –

Most if not all of today’s consumers consume the bulk of their content from the little device in their pocket!

If you own a small business or independent restaurant this is a HUGE opportunity for you—

Posting on social media and owning your audience is FREE!


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Are you making this BIG mistake when marketing you business?

Are you renting your audience?

Sure there might be some success but it will only be short-term if you are, but…

When you spend money on marketing, ask yourself, “How will this help me build my audience?”

You want to be the OWNER of your customer’s data, not a renter!

For great ways to drive awareness and build your customer database click the link below to view my 7 free restaurant marketing training videos:

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Is your restaurant losing money?

As a restaurant owner its important to know your food costs! Selling a pizza that costs you money doesn’t make any sense!

If youre going to run a promotion or BOGO you might want to create it around an item that doesn’t cost you money.

Click the link below to check out my free marketing training videos and learn more about running a successful marketing promotion today:

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Stop blindly spending money on your restaurant’s marketing!

A lot of restaurant owners still blindly throw money into their marketing and hope it works…

When I created America’s Best Restaurants I wanted to build a system that restaurant owners could use to aim at a target audience and expect them to walk through the door!

This pursuit led me to social media and then to Facebook Messenger to create a pathway for customers to walk down.

Click the link below to check out my free marketing training videos and learn more about aiming and expecting for your restaurant!

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Make your restaurant FRICTIONLESS!

Your restaurant should be FRICTIONLESS when it comes to ordering!

Make it as easy as possible for customers to order from your restaurant online!

Check out more great ideas like this with the Own Their Phones podcast linked below:

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Is your restaurant’s marketing plan actually working?

If you’ve spent money on advertising then you can relate —

“Are my advertising dollars working?”

There are so many internal and external factors that go into an effective marketing plan! Sometimes it’s hard to know why a particular plan did or didn’t work…

Let me help take the guesswork out of your marketing plan! Click the link below to check out my free training videos, and I guarantee you will be able to aim at a target audience and expect a predictable outcome!

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Master this skill for your restaurant!

I was uncomfortable, I didn’t know my voice, and I couldn’t stand being in front of the camera!

None of this stopped me from becoming an expert in front of the camera!

With this goal in mind, I continued to “go live” over and over again until I mastered the art of speaking to my online audience.

Check out this full interview on my channel linked below:

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Compare your restaurant’s website to this…

Put yourself in the eyes of the consumer —

Your customers are going to compare you to your competition! It’s worth checking out what your competition is doing right!

Check out the full episode of OTP and more on my channel linked below:

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Use social media to drive more sales in your restaurant!

As a small business, you have the same opportunity to reach customers where they spend their time→

On their phones!

Check out episode 239 of my podcast linked below to learn more about how your restaurant can take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

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