My Son Is Joining My Team & Journey…So Proud!

In a surprising turn of events, my most exciting hire to date is none other than my own son, Cole. Departing from the traditional path of college education, Cole has embarked on a journey into adulthood with America’s Best Restaurants (ABR). The decision may raise eyebrows, but as we delved into the reasons behind his choice, it became clear that college isn’t the only route to success, and for some, it might even be a hindrance.

Over Thanksgiving, Cole and I found ourselves immersed in a profound conversation while relaxing in the hot tub. It was during this dialogue that Cole expressed his discontent with the college environment, surrounded by peers whose priorities revolved around partying rather than personal and professional growth. This revelation prompted a deeper discussion about the impact of one’s surroundings on personal development.

Following our heart-to-heart conversation, we decided to weigh three potential paths: staying at his current college, transferring to EKU, or joining ABR. Surprisingly, within 30 minutes, Cole presented a meticulously crafted list of pros and cons for each option. The choice became clear – Cole needed to be a part of America’s Best Restaurants.

With great enthusiasm, I am proud to announce Cole Plapp as the Head of Fitness & Nutrition at ABR. His responsibilities are divided equally between programming and coaching for fitness and nutrition, and immersing himself in ABR U, where he will study the ins and outs of the company, specializing in digital marketing.

Cole’s role at ABR will be dynamic, with half of his time dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of our team and clients through fitness and nutrition programs. The other half will see him delving into ABR U, where he aims to obtain a “PhD in digital marketing” within 12 months. His mission is to contribute to the growth of our county’s best restaurants through innovative marketing strategies and technology integration.

Acknowledging that the college experience might not be the right fit for everyone, Cole’s journey represents a bold step into the real world. Armed with practical experience, he has the flexibility to either return to college with newfound insights or continue building his career.

As Cole embarks on this exciting journey, stay tuned for updates, including his daily workout blog that everyone can follow along with. Join us in witnessing the transformation with the hashtag #cpwodmp, tracking Cole’s workouts for personal and professional growth.

Cole’s decision to forgo traditional college and join ABR exemplifies the importance of choosing the path that aligns with one’s values and aspirations. As he navigates the realms of fitness, nutrition, and digital marketing, his journey serves as an inspiration for those considering alternative routes to success. The story of Cole Plapp at ABR is a testament to embracing opportunities outside the conventional educational framework and building a career based on passion, dedication, and real-world experience.


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✔️Gone 20 of the past 25 days
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