Day 20 – The Puzzle

Next week I embark on a unique experience. 

Me and two of my team are hitting the road to tackle two tasks.  First to deliver the new van for America’s Best Restaurants ABR Roadshow to the West Coast.  Second, to talk to 30 or so restaurant owners about what they’re trying to accomplish with their restaurants.  

I feel like I know what most of our clients are aiming for and what they are struggling with, but it never hurts to go directly to the source.  So for three days, we will drive 32 hours from Northern Kentucky to Durango Colorado and then all to Las Vegas.  

As I type this I’m thinking about what I want to ask these owners.  We’re going to incorporate our travels into our new documentary series, The Hereo’s Of Hospitality.  This is a series we created to chronicle the journey of 2024 with my company.  The journey of how we plan to reinvent the restaurant marketing industry.  And this trip will give me a great opportunity to ask what restaurant owners need to help them accomplish their life goals.

So stay tuned, more to come. 

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