Day 9 – The Puzzle


The digital delivery of YOUR OFFER to your restaurants FREQUENT customers after they OPT INTO your program, how should it happen.

Now, depending on what restaurant marketing platform you’re using, this maybe handled for you.  But let’s walk through what we’ve seen work with regards to emailing and texting restaurant offers.  

1st – Always send a welcome text and email.  When they opt-in wherever they do, you should say “check your email and text to confirm you got entered correctly. This should happen ASAP in your system.

2nd – This message should be CUSTOM.  Remember, at this point we are focused on your best customers only, so your messaging your reflect that.  No need for directions to the restaurant, etc.  These are your best customers, TELL THEM THAT with the right messaging.

3rd – The first text should be simple and include an image.  You’re not going to want to use an image every time though, they cost more.  I’d use them every 3-4 texts and only when needed.  This text should have that welcome image, maybe your logo or an amazing food picture and say “Welcome to the family, check your email for program details and your first offer” and then ALWAYS sign off with your name and the restaurants name.

4th – The first email needs to spell out the offer they got and what’s to come.

5th – Your reminder sequence.

This will vary based on how they use the program.  But I like alternating reminders between text and email every 7-10 days, so that in a month they will hear from your 3 times for this VIP offer, but not weekly from one platform.

You also want to be using Facebook and Instagram targeting for this.  You need to have a way to setup ads for the members of this program. You can do this for as little as $1 per day.  


BUT HOW?  Well, if you collect their information on a specific platform you should be able to include a tracking code on that page to reach them back on Facebook and IG.

What I want you to remember is that you don’t want to stalk these people EVERY WEEK on text and email.  You want to work into the mix of your normal marketing reminders for any very high value promotions they may have.  

But I’ll also say, YOU should trust this part of your marketing 100% to a marketing firm or platform that understands how to do this and has technology built in that does all of this heavy lifting.  

P.S. – I thought this puzzle piece was one of my best, except I miscalculated the top bar and missed the corner 🙁


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