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In the second episode of “Heroes of Hospitality,” we witness the partnership between Matt Plapp, CEO of America’s Best Restaurants, and Kamron Karington, CEO of Repeat Returns. Their journey begins over a shared pizza, where they lay the foundation for what would become a groundbreaking merger.

Kamron, driven by determination, prepares a pitch aimed at capturing Matt’s attention—a pitch that could mark the beginning of a significant change. As Kamron takes a bold step to visit Matt’s team, their interaction hints at the potential of a powerful alliance.

The path to partnership is not smooth, as both leaders face trials that not only challenge their professional bond but also their new friendship. Witness the strategic dance of negotiation and the high stakes as they inch closer to a groundbreaking agreement. Will their efforts redefine competitive strategies for independent restaurants?

“This is creating easy ways for independents to compete with the chains” says David Scott Peters, Author of the Restaurant Prosperity Formula

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