Free Restaurant Facebook Promotion In This Video

?Restaurant Owners, operators & marketers?

Put butts in the seats!

It’s a proven fact that the more people you can talk to on a consistent basis, the more business you will drive.

Hi I’m Matt Plapp and I’m here at the Ohio Restaurant Associations Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus Ohio and my product the ROI Engine helps YOU do just that!

Our main goal is to help you grow a database that you own and that you can use to market your amazing restaurant whenever you feel like it.

Through very targeted social media ads and our 8 step process we help you grow a great database and then have conversations with your followers through Facebook Messenger and email marketing.

We not only help you nurture that database, but also drive them into the restaurant with trackable offers and promotions.

If you want a FREE messenger BOT use inside your restaurant to grow your database click the link below, this will also give you an opportunity to see a tutorial.

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