STOP COLD CALLING, Referral Marketing-Part 1

Duane Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Referral Marketing Expert
Duane Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Referral Marketing Expert

WHY are you still cold calling?  Cold calling is fruitless, requires you to check your reputation at the door and is the easiest business to lose to other cold calling sales people.  You need to start building your brand and start getting high level referrals.  It all starts with an emotional message that shows your passion for what you do.  Example I am a chiropractor, “I am a bone shaper”.  I’m an insurance agent, “I create the future.” The response is “How do you do that.” Some call this an EBM (emotional based message) others call it a memory hook, whatever you call it; it’s funneling the conversation so that you can develop a relationship. This is what referral marketing is all about. I like to call it “My Power Phrase with passion”.

My mission is to create constant, continuous and predictable referrals for life without cold calling.  We all want to do business by referral, but we don’t create the methodology to implement the platform, so it never comes to reality. Sure we get referrals but they are passive and not consistent. They are not constant, continuous, or predictable.  There’s a “HOPE” that referrals will happen.

If our goal is to do 100% business by referrals than that can only happen if we pass credible referrals and receive credible referrals. It’s called a level 10 referral.  Level 10 referrals are referrals where your only action is to show up a get the check.

There is a way to create a platform where you can create these constant continuous and predictable referrals, it is call referral marketing strategies by Referral Institute. We have created a system to help you change your whole way of doing business.  First it involves a change of one’s mindset.  You must change your way of thinking.

Referral marketing strategies involves three basic principles:

1-      You must create a phrase for people to instantaneous recognize this is a potential client for you.

2-       You must communicate with the people who you want to refer you business to and who you want to develop a strong relationship with.

3-      And last, you must create your own brand.

Before you even get this far there is one important action that has to happen. You must have a target market.  What is a target market? It is the section of the market that you are going to direct you marketing efforts towards to create credibility for your brand.  It does not mean that you do not have other products or services.  It is the people you want as specific target to create your niche. If you do not do this first then everything else with be fruitless.

Ok, now you have a target market. You should ask yourself “”who are my clients?”

Part II next week….

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