July Marketing Seminar

Not 1, not 2, but 3 speakers!  Yes, 3 speakers will help you understand how to supercharge your website, reach your customers who effective Email Marketing and grab their attention through Social Media!

In this 2 hour seminar we’ll cover in depth the following topics:

1. Website creation, mobile websites and on-site SEO – Logan Dotson of Launch Runner will walk you through the MUST haves when it comes to your website, mobile website and on-page SEO. 

 2. Advanced Email Marketing – Erin Bemis from Constant Contact will not only show you how, what and when to send your emails, but also the best practices that will take your Email Marketing to the next level.

4.  Social Media Marketing – Matt Plapp will cover Social Media Marketing and everything you need to know to reach the people who “Know, Like & Trust” you more often.


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