Live With The Authors Of The Daily Grind – Andrew & Claire Bowen

Live With The Authors Of The Daily Grind, Andrew & Claire Bowen, Wednesday July 8th @ 3pm EST

We’re going to DIG DEEP into their book and what they believe in when it comes to how YOU should be running your coffee shop. Having opened and run their own chain of coffee shops for 15 years they now ork with Independent Coffee Shop and Cafe owners to open, make more money, expand and prepare to sell for the best possible price.

We’re going to grab a cup of Joe..virtually, and talk about a few of the items below.

☕️ Your Why The difference between success and failure
☕️ Location How to select the best location for your new Coffee Shop
☕️ People How to build a great team
☕️ Profit How to choose what you sell to generate the most profit
☕️ Marketing Slam dunk marketing tactics to beat your competition
☕️ Real Real life, practical advice from people who run a coffee shop today
☕️ Downloads Supported by extra free templates, and resources
☕️ Formula The Coffee Shop Success Formula Explained

Get their book on Amazon today, the link is below

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