Local Business Against Texting While Driving

Lisa Russell, Co-owner of Five Star Collision Center, is taking a personal interest in the campaign against texting and driving.  As a busy mother of four with a new teenage driver, she realizes the many challenges faced by parents as they put their children behind the wheels of a car. She also realizes that the “techno savvy” society we live in today adds additional challenges not faced by older generations.  Most recently, after viewing an episode of “The Extreme Makeover Edition,” one challenge became very clear:  TEXTING AND DRIVING ARE A DANGEROUS MIX.

It is a fact that distracted driving is dangerous and life-threatening. Being part of the collision industry, Lisa sees first hand the crashes that occur from not paying attention while driving.  As a result, Five Star Collision Center is encouraging a commitment from parents and young drivers to sign a pledge to NOT TEXT while driving.  Five Star now has these pledge forms available, in addition to the “thumb bands” which are a visual reminder of the pledge.  Call 513-821-7827 to make your pledge!

Let’s all take a STAND and a PLEDGE against texting while driving and help to make our roadways safe for everyone!

Five Star Collision Center is located at 7710 Anthony Wayne Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45216.  We may also be contacted through our website: www.fivestarcollisioncincy.com.

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