Don’t spend advertising dollars to drive sales

This makes my night, the fact that I can pop into a clients messenger account and see orders from dinner using the ROI Engine?

This is how marketing should be!
1st – An attention getting ad
2nd – Build A Databse
3rd – Drive YOUR databas In to spend ?

Guess what, instead of spending money to reach the same people they spend money to reach NEW PEOPLE and use the database they built to drives $ales!


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Matt Plapp

I’m the CEO of Driven Media Solutions, a full service marketing firm located in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky. I have over 18+ years of experience in small business marketing in the region. From Corporate America to Locally Owned companies, I’ve been involved in most forms of marketing and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I have a strong passion for Guerilla & Grass Roots Marketing, Social Media and Internal Marketing Strategies.
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