MP TV – Episode 79 – Table Talk With Billy Gene

Description: Billie Jean is not my lover 🎶 … wait, wrong Billie Jean. 😂 Correction, ➡️➡️ Billy Gene IS marketing! This week Matt sits down with Billy Gene so they can get to the good stuff. With over 10 years 😱 of digital marketing under his belt and over 140,000 students in 75 countries, 📍 Billy Gene is a wealth of marketing knowledge. 🧠 During their sit down the pair take a deep dive into:

🎙️ Billy Gene’s number one tip
🎙️ Switching up your roles
🎙️ What’s up with all the orange Matt wears
🎙️ Finding your niche and why it’s a must
🎙️ Mirco wins building confidence
🎙️ And why marketing is more than just a logo

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