MP TV – Episode 82 – Own The Role Of Owner 🥇

Join us in cutting ✂️the red ribbon on our brand new studio🥳 , joined by restaurant expert David Scott Peters⭐! David knows how restaurants work, and with a book📖, podcast🎙️, and a hefty resume💪 of speaking engagements and seminars🗣️, David Scott Peters teaches restaurant operators how to cut costs✂️ and increase profits📈 with his trademark Restaurant Prosperity Formula™. Sitting pretty in the podcast studio 🎧 Matt and David discuss:

🪙 Training employees, not enabling them
🪙 Employ strategic thinking
🪙 Stop being a prisoner to your self
🪙 Making memories makes regulars
🪙 General thinking leads to loss of profit
🪙 Establish expectations, then exceed them by doing the job

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