MP TV – Episode 89 – Feeling Out Business Opportunities At Fellini Cafe with Manny Matsos

BYOB🍺 as Matt sits in the studio with Manny Matsos, the owner and operator of Fellini Cafe🇮🇹 in Newtown Square, PA. Manny has been serving authentic Italian🍝 food at Fellini Cafe since 2007, but has spent his entire life in the food industry. Selling hotdogs🌭 at the yankee 🏟stadium as a kid, Manny has always been in the business and now he and Matt get to talking🎙 about:

🍝Know more than just your customers first name
🍝Hiring the right people is so important
🍝The best time to start marketing is now!
🍝Don’t run your business as a nonprofit
🍝Taking new opportunities can fill seats
🍝Professional’s that can make up for your weaknesses

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