MP TV – Episode 95 – People Said Starting A Restaurant Was A 50/50 Chance…

This week on MPTV stars Andy who started his restaurant business 👨‍🍳 back in 2018. But it wasn’t as easy as you think 🧠. He wanted to create a 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 family friendly environment in the Las Vegas 🎰 area. Turns out it was a great idea! 😃 When surrounded by a community of entertainment 🎉 businesses, there’s a lack ⛔️ of local support. Slater’s 50/50 is here to serve 🍳 the locals and give out amazing 🍔 burgers! Check out how he supports both ✌️ his customers AND his employees here on MPTV!

🍔 If you can’t out-spend…you need to out-smart
🍔 Locals are the people who keep you open
🍔 The food is just as important as the gaming in Vegas
🍔 Stay away from restaurants…they said…
🍔 Vegas is full of families too! Andy knew they needed a place to go
🍔 Vegas has a competitive working wage…here’s how Andy keeps his staff engaged

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