MP TV – Episode 96 – Keeping it traditional with Water Street Pizzeria

This week on MPTV, we have two 🎰 Las Vegas restaurant owners who 🔎 focus on community 🏘 and authenticity. When it comes to 🍕🍕🍕 pizza, Jim and Jan know what’s good! They like to be a part of the 🏗 creation process, like painting 🎨 their own murals and crafting their iconic 🍝 sauces from scratch. Don’t miss out ⛔️ on this inspirational story 📚 of two owners with a passion for building their 💰 business!

🎨The transfer of trust
🎨Renting space? Keep it traditional
🎨Social media attractions…here’s why you need them
🎨You have the ability to be flexible
🎨This is their favorite part about owning a restaurant
🎨Failure is not an option

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