MPTV – Episode 97 – Getting Behind The Scenes With David

This week on 🎙 MPTV, we have the man who’s usually found behind the 🎥 camera, David Schlotter. David is the 📺 marketing director for 🍕 ABR, ⚙️ Deep Work Studios, and 👊 Matt himself. He came all the way from Philly ✈️ to tell us how to grab people’s attention 👀 before that stop light 🚦 turns green, and how to maximize 📈 the quality of your content without breaking the 💰 bank.

🎥Matt spent $10,000 after watching a TikTok
🎥Creating content for your restaurant doesn’t have to be scary
🎥Consuming content has changed
🎥We’re taking ABR to the next level
🎥This is the content you should be making in 2022

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