Pizza Restaurant Facebook Marketing Success

? Restaurant Owners & Marketers Do You Want Trackable Predictable Results?

Here’s a 3 week old 1 location franchise pizza restaurant campaign.

We are not only helping this client grow a Facebook Messenger subscriber base, but also email.

Oh, and we can see EVERY SALE??

?934 Opt-Ins in 4 days September for $20, due to our amazing organic launch program
?1,240 subscribers total
?262 redemptions in 3 weeks, 20% of the subscribers have WALKED IN & spent money?
?How much? $2,593 in September & $4,245 overall…in 3 weeks?

The gauges you see are from our client dashboard. Those show the prior month results. In this case it’s showing September, the reach shown is only paid, hence why it’s so low. The stats on the ad itself show organic & paid.

?1,400+ post comments, 122 shares & 23,000 + in reach.

I will show you how to do this, I literally wrote the book on it?

Check out the videos below for more info on this program, including my book “Don’t 86 Your Restaurant Sales”

?Here’s a video on the program ?

?Here’s a walk through of our dashboard ?

?Here’s a link to my book ?

?And finally if you want to learn how to do EXACTLY this, here’s a link to that?

?Stop guessing, stop building, IT’S ALREADY DONE FOR YOU?

Want to talk about it? Yep, there’s a link for that too?

Once you click the link above I’ll get in touch with you?

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