Restaurants – Know your products, make recommendations & for gods sake SELL Desert!

Today we chat it up with restaurant author Joël Hoachuck.

Joël is the author of “Welcome to Waiters’ World: The Essential Guide to Serving Food & Drink.” He’s an experienced restaurateur, having worked at high end restaurants such as Relais & Chateaux. He’s opened and operated profitable and award-winning businesses.

And today I have 3 topics to discuss from his book:

#1 – Page 19 “know your products” – I want to discuss the importance of being well versed on your menu

#2 – Page 46 “make recommendations” – Talk about how the right recommendations can add to the meal and lead to a much better experience

#3 – Page 52 “desert time” – Selling deserts and drinks after the meal.

You can find him on:

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