Should your restaurant pass on credit card processing fees to the customer?😬 #restaurantindustry

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of viral marketing! Recently, I came across a story about a restaurant that decided to pass credit card fees onto its customers. Picture this: in a sea of restaurants where such practices aren’t the norm, standing out might sound appealing, but not when it means drawing attention for the wrong reasons!

Sure, profitability is crucial for any business’s survival—especially in the fiercely competitive restaurant industry. However, could this strategy potentially backfire? 🤔 After all, the ultimate goal isn’t just about making saving a buck; it’s about thriving and serving our communities with exceptional culinary experiences.

Join me as we dig deeper into this thought-provoking topic on episode 534 of the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast! Let’s explore whether passing on credit card fees could inadvertently harm your business’s reputation and what it means to get the RIGHT attention. 👇

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