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Who likes Pringles? 11 million Facebook fans

Premium content from Business Courier – by Tom Demeropolis and Kevin Cox, Courier Staff

Date: Friday, April 15, 2011, 6:00am EDT

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Facebook is a growing part of many companies’ marketing efforts. Many Procter & Gamble Co. brands, for example, have hundreds of thousands of fans. Pringles, with nearly 11 million “likes” on its Facebook page, is the 71st most-liked page on the social networking site.

Matt Plapp, president of Driven Media Solutions, said even companies with big numbers need to talk to those fans.

“A lot of companies fail on consistency,” Plapp said. “If you’re talking one or two times a week, your competitors are talking four, five or six times a week.”

That can include testimonials, industry news and other pertinent information.

P&G isn’t the only local company seeking to build a Facebook following, of course. Here are the P&G brands and other local businesses with the most fans.

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Read more: Who likes Pringles? 11 million Facebook fans | Business Courier

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