STOP COLD CALLING, Referral Marketing Part 2

Duane Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Referral Marketing Expert
Duane Plapp - Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Referral Marketing Expert

In early August I wrote a blog titled “Stop Cold Calling, Referral Marketing Part 1”.  We talked about the need for you to create a Referral Marketing Plan and how to identify your target market.  So now that you have a target market, now you need a hook.

We have to create an emotional based message so when people are out looking for referrals for you, they can identify who is a good referral  and  your name comes to mind.  I hear all the time “why did you not refer them to me?” well “I never thought of you “. You have to tickle their brain.

If you want people to remember you then you have to give them something that when they see your potential client the alarm goes off and your name is in the forefront of their brain.  Does this make sense? If you watch TV, it is done by every advertiser. They are trying to do the same thing getting you to remember their product or service when the commercial is over.  Just think of all the products you remember when a certain stimulus is presented (The Geico song, Aflac duck, the target for Target stores and on and on, the Alka Seltzer song). Major advertisers do this all the time. So if we are going to develop a referral business why not copy the pros.

Your question next is “How do I do that”?  Your EBM should be something which you have a passion for and something that directly tells people the main benefit of doing business with you. Many times you say It all the time when you get in the zone or when you a talking with your clients.  What basic need do you satisfy.  I was coaching a Referral Institute student  last week and he asked “how do create the EBM?”.  We were discussing his business and I asked him what goal are you trying to achieve when you discuss your clients financial situation? He said they always want to know “Where’s my check going to come from”.  Wow, that’s a powerful statement and a pretty good EBM.  I told him that he just found his EBM. I help clients discover where the check is going to come from, that’s what I do and when you tell people that, they’ll say “How do you do that?”  And now you have a conversation.  Isn’t it great?  Just evaluate what you do and why you do it.

Why are you in business?

Who are your clients?

What do you sell?

How well do you compete?

Why do people buy from you?

How do you identify my referral partners and how do I develop strong relationships?  Part III next.

Second you have to communicate with the people you want to get referrals from. You need make them aware of who you are and who is a good referral for you and find out who is a good referral for them.

Duane Plapp is a professional business coach with The Referral Institute Cincinnati.  Duane can help you create “Referrals For Life”.  If you’re interested in learning more about referral marketing you can contact Duane at or 859-240-6428

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