The Heroes of Hospitality | Episode One – The Matt Plapp & Kamron Karington Story

In the heart of the digital era, where the buzz of online marketing meets the sizzle of the culinary world, episode one unravels the captivating journey of Matt Plapp and Kamron Karington. One is a marketing genius known for his success in digital strategies, and the other is a pizza shop owner who unexpectedly turned to software development, sparking a revolution in the industry.

This episode teases the untold story of chance, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of success. As Matt and Kamron navigate the unpredictable currents of restaurant marketing, they stumble upon each other, realizing they hold the missing pieces to each other’s puzzles.

Tune in to episode one of The Heroes of Hospitality for a glimpse into the future of restaurant marketing, told through the lens of two pioneers who dared to think differently. Their story is more than a meeting of minds; it’s a fusion of passion and technology, set to ignite a spark of innovation in the heart of every viewer.


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