Video Marketing Tips

Here are a few easy tips that I use when shooting videos for clients and myself.  This is a working list, so I’ll be adding to it as items come to me.  If you have some tips you’d like to add, email me at

1st – Use something that’s easy to use and fast. iPads are great options. I use a program called Avid Studio. It allows me to create quick professional videos. My $2,000 HD camera sits on a shelf and never gets used. It’s too long of a process to get the video from the camera to a final product on YouTube.  If you’re wanting to skip making your video fancier and looking for a quick way to get something online theres’ nothing wrong with that and iPhones do a great job as well.  

2nd – Always purchase “royalty free music”. Don’t use your favorite song from The Eagles, eventually a bill will come. For as little as $1 you can find songs in the itunes library that will save you from future headaches

3rd – The Sun is your enemy. Try to avoid it at all costs.  If you’re in a room with natural light make sure you try out different angles to get the right look. 

4th – If you aren’t comfortable on video, have someone who is be on camera. Or practice, practice and practice the script more.  BUT don’t have a 5 paragraph script sitting in front of you for this video.  Every video you do for your business should be something you can do off of memory and worse case scenerio all a few bullet points. 

5th – Going off of #4, don’t go into the video with a word for word script. This is your business, if you can’t have a list of bullet points and easily do a video on your product, then you probably need to find someone who can.

6th – Make sure you’re dressed appropriately.  You’re branding yourself, so make sure what you’re wearing reflects what you want your customers to think of you.

7th – Um, Uh, LIKE.  PLEASE don’t say these over and over again.  If you have an issue with certain word or catch phrases have someone give you honest feedback and then make an effort to eliminate these from your vocabulary for the speech.

8th – Turn off cell phones and other devices that can (and will) make noises during your video.  There’s nothing worse than nailing a video only to have your cell phone ring halfway through it.

9th – Topics – Try to avoid only using the videos to sell.  “How To” videos are excellent ways to get peoples attention and guess what, most people watching these don’t actually perform the tasks, they call you to do it.  Use these videos as an opportunity to brand yourself as an expert in your field or industry.  

10th – The graphics and logos you use in these videos should be consistent across your other marketing pieces.  I like to use my clients 


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