Viral Video Breakdown with the Deep Work Team!

The ABR and Deep Work studios team traveled to Buffalo New York to capture the National Buffalo Wing Festival, but on the way home we made a stop that changed my Facebook page forever. We visited Niagra Falls as a team and Peter Glenn, a fairly new employee captured the experience on his phone, chopped it down to 39 seconds, and posted it all over my social media platforms, but something was different about it. Only 2 days later it had an extraordinary amount of engagement, and I could tell it was going to go viral but I didn’t know to what degree. A week later at the time of this post, it is over 800,000 views and over 2 million reached. This truly is unique for my Facebook page to blow up like this, so I invite the Deep Work Studios in to talk about and break down why they think this post, in particular, is doing so well.

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