You Can Make A Difference

You can make a difference. On Sunday November 23rd 2008 Christy and I had just finished shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and we discussed helping some families have a great meal like we always get to enjoy. On that Monday I reached out to Dorron Hunter, a friend who works with inner city youth. I asked him if he knew of 2 families in need and he smiled and said of course. For a few years we did that on our own and then in 2010 or 2011 I mentioned this to a few friends.

It wasn’t until 2011 that I put it online and asked for help. There have been MANY who have helped along the way and many with long streaks of contributing their time and money. Looking at my records (see the picture in the post) I could find 4 people who have been donating since 2011: Jerry Arrasmith, Scott Jacob Malof, Doug Smith & Joanne Heusner Smith, Dennis Houlehan. I think a few of them did in 2010 as well, but I wasn’t keeping records those 1st few years since it was something small and simple.

We had NO IDEA where it would take us. Well, it’s taken us to a very large # and I couldn’t do it without all of you.

YOU can make a difference and one conversation can turn into something special. Just imagine if everyone who read this decided to do something similar….PLEASE DO! Christmas, Thanksgiving, The Super Bowl…who cares, find a reason and start something to help those in need with your friends and family.

2008 – Aprox $150 From Our Family – 3 Families Served
2009 – Aprox $300 From Our Family – 6 Families Served
2010 – Aprox $500 – 9 Families Served
2011 – $682.55 Raised – 16 Families (1st year really asking anyone esle)
2012 – $3,429 Raised – 112 Families Served
2013 – $7,015 Raised – 202 Families Served
2014 – $7,865 Raised – 254 Families Served
2015 – $8,947 Raised – 234 Families Served
2016 – $10,172 Raised – 258 Families Served
2017 – $12,581 Raised – 314 Families Served
2018 – Aprox $13,000 Raised – Aprox 350 Families Will Be Served

Thank you to all of my friends and family who made this possible. What started 9 years ago as Christy and I helping 3 families and turned into something MUCH bigger.

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