Month: July 2010

There’s no place like (working from) home!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? If you asked 100 people this question, I would imagine 90% would respond “YES”. Well have you ever dreamed of running your own business from the comfort of your home? That may sound like a distant reality to some, but according to the market research firm Interactive […]

Top Five Ways to Increase Sales with Social Media

It seems like every second article you read today is about social media. How it can build your brand, help you connect with your customers and keep your business ‘current’. But it’s hard to sign off an investment of time and money to something that’s relying solely on the long-tail for returns, right? Sure, social […]

How One Thank You Card put 380 People in a Room

It was a normal weekday at the office while I sifted through my mail.  Not uncommonly, I had received something from my area Chamber of Commerce.  I should point out that this is our areas largest Chamber with over 5500 members.  As I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised to find a personally hand written […]

4 Benefits of Telecommuting

Advancements in technology have made telecommuting an ideal alternative for many businesses and employees. Broadband connections are increasingly common in homes and retail locations, and phone systems allow users in remote locations to operate on one central system. A remote workforce can stay connected almost as well as one stationed in office cubicles. There are […]

Business Partnerships, Knowing What Can Hurt…

“I have recently been working with a number of new business clients and their owners who are very good business people, have great businesses and business models. But, the old saying about “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”, well it just isn’t true in today’s business environment, I suspect it never was true. Especially […]

On The “Mark”eting

On The “Mark”eting…by Doug Smith How often do you purchase a new car? How often do you purchase laundry detergent? How often do you buy a new pair of shoes?  (For my wife, I think this is about every week) The answers to those questions are your buying cycle for each category. What is the […]

Darian Richardson makes the Cincinnati Enquirer

Darian Richardson – Owner, RMC Franchise Connect – Cincinnati Franchise Consultant RMC Franchise Connect helps match potential entrepreneurs, new business opportunities DOWNTOWN – Darian Richardson is convinced that franchising will continue to be a hot career choice for entrepreneurs. That confidence this year prompted Richardson to launch RMC Franchise Connect, a downtown-based firm that provides […]

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