4 Benefits of Telecommuting

Advancements in technology have made telecommuting an ideal alternative for many businesses and employees. Broadband connections are increasingly common in homes and retail locations, and phone systems allow users in remote locations to operate on one central system. A remote workforce can stay connected almost as well as one stationed in office cubicles.

There are four benefits that make telecommuting an advantageous solution:

1. Save money.

Businesses can save a great deal by having employees that spend some or all of their time working away from the office. It eliminates office space and office equipment, and can reduce utility bills. Telecommuting saves employees money by cutting back on gas and maintenance for their cars.

2. Save the world.

Okay, telecommuting might not save the world by itself, but it does enable companies and their employees to use less gas and electricity, and every little bit helps!

3. Flexible workforce.

Telecommuting allows employees to have very flexible schedules. People spend a great deal of time traveling to and from work each day, and telecommuters can use that saved time in a more productive manner. Also, working from home can be an ideal situation for many employees, such as single parents.

4. More eligible job candidates.

Companies using telecommuters can expand their job search to include a much larger scope. A business in Boston can find an ideal job candidate in Seattle. With telecommuting, businesses no longer have to worry about the logistics of relocating a new hire.

Jake Westrich, EcoPhone Systems, LLC, http://phonesystemscincinnati.com/blog.asp

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