Respond To All Reviews!

The focus is to always respond to negative reviews!

But ask yourself this- Would you ignore someone who was trying to compliment your food?

It’s important to engage with ALL of your reviews!

Click the link below to hear the full podcast with @zackoates:

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Starting A Company?!

This is how I got my start in restaurant marketing!

I was lucky enough to be at the forefront of the internet revolution and I saw a unique opportunity to take full advantage of it!

Click the link below to hear the whole story👇

#mattplapp #startingabusiness

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Don’t Feel Guilty

If you believe in your vision then there is no reason to feel guilty!

Sometimes your journey can take months or even years- so remember to ease up on yourself for the small things!

For more motivation click the links below


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Outside the box!

Take the marketing to your customers!

Think outside the box and listen to Episode 202 linked below:

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Planted Virus!

This is what got me to where I am today!

Want to learn more? Click the link below:

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Left on read

Are you responding to your messages?

No, not your text messages, the messages to your restaurant! People are trying to give you money!

Check out my podcast linked below:

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Add $5,900 to your bottom line!

Want to learn how we helped ad $5,900 in incremental profit to this restaurant’s bottom line?

Click the links below to learn more!

Check out my podcast linked below:

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This affects your restaurant!

Third-party delivery services can affect your restaurant!

Think about it, someone in pajamas is now delivering your food to your customers.

They now represent your brand just like an employee!

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My first website

This is how I got started in digital marketing!

Click the link below to see hear how I went from designing simple websites to a titan of the marketing world!

#Mattplapp #entrepreneur

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Dealership Horror Story

This dealer noticed something went horribly wrong…

Click the link below to find out what it was and how he fixed the issue!

#Mattplapp #dealership #dealershipstory

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