Stop pinching your customer’s butts! Restaurant success in your community! #restaurantmarketing

What I’m talking about is abusing Facebook groups as a place to just sell your food! I equate this to pinching butts because it gets old fast and rarely is it wanted. There are a ton of community events on Facebook that you can be involved with for the right reasons! Be active, and be engaged in your community through your brand and your customers will follow!

This is a snippet of the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast (EP.556) Click the link in my bio or check it out on your favorite podcast platform

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Direct mail isn’t DEAD! Every marketing approach has value! Find your restaurant’s SOLUTION!

Kevin from @mailwisesolutions highlights the significance of integrating direct mail with digital marketing. By doing so, you can craft a 360-degree marketing strategy that encompasses all channels for maximum impact.

Check out the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast to learn more about the best ways to market your brand in 2024!

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Turn every comment into an opportunity – Respond to them all, not just the critiques!

Transform every comment into an opportunity – respond to them all, not just the critiques!

Louie’s Waffle House replies to every one of their comments and they get a ton! Having genuine conversations will create a deeper connection between consumers and your brand! Become more than “just another restaurant” 👊

Check out the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast in my bio or on all your favorite platforms to get new tips daily on restaurant marketing trends.

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The internet is hungry for your restaurants story… It’s time to tell them!

That’s a wrap on @PizzaExpo 2024! If there’s one message to take away from all of the interviews I’ve done it’s the importance of video storytelling!

It doesn’t matter what your restaurant sells or where you are located, your restaurant is special and has a story to tell. The internet is full of consumers who are ready to be a part of your journey.

Pull your phone out and start telling your story🍕😋🧡

Click the link in my bio to check out the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast and come on the journey with me!

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The Heroes of Hospitality | Episode One – The Matt Plapp & Kamron Karington Story

In the heart of the digital era, where the buzz of online marketing meets the sizzle of the culinary world, episode one unravels the captivating journey of Matt Plapp and Kamron Karington. One is a marketing genius known for his success in digital strategies, and the other is a pizza shop owner who unexpectedly turned to software development, sparking a revolution in the industry.

This episode teases the untold story of chance, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of success. As Matt and Kamron navigate the unpredictable currents of restaurant marketing, they stumble upon each other, realizing they hold the missing pieces to each other’s puzzles.

Tune in to episode one of The Heroes of Hospitality for a glimpse into the future of restaurant marketing, told through the lens of two pioneers who dared to think differently. Their story is more than a meeting of minds; it’s a fusion of passion and technology, set to ignite a spark of innovation in the heart of every viewer.


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Double your restaurants sales | The RGA Guide in ACTION! #restaurantmarketing

Your story. What I might claim to be your biggest asset as a business owner. It’s what has helped me and hundreds of restaurant owners grow their business. But if that was true, why wouldn’t everyone tell their story?

It’s because they don’t have a tool to hold them accountable for telling it!

That’s why I built the RGA Guide. The accountability tool you need to tell your story, plan your marketing, and compound the actions you need to do to double your restaurant’s sales.

Hit the link in my bio to get your copy of the RGA Guide today!

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