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December Seminar..Don't Miss This One!

Learn 5 Keys To Google SEO, Social Media, Branding Your Business and Email Marketing Now more than ever YOU can make a larger impact on your company’s marketing efforts.  Not too long ago you were forced to find your customers and prospects through expensive mass media like Newspaper, Yellow Pages and TV. Now you can […]

I hope your emails stop, or your phone dies

If constantly flowing water can erode rock and create the Grand Canyon, then imagine what constantly flowing emails can do to you. I was in Baltimore for a speaking engagement recently. I decided to stay a couple of extra days, rented a car, and traveled with my wife to Washington DC. I had never been. […]

Are You Special?

Why is it that most speakers never make a deep connection with their audiences?  Even those that are polished presenters, terrific story tellers, or humorous speakers? Unfortunately, they fail to touch their audiences because they’re too busy building themselves up. When most speakers tell their stories, what do they tend to talk about?  Their successes.  Business success!  Financial success!  Personal success!  Unfortunately, […]

A Strike can Still Be a Hit, Stay Engaged…

A Strike can Still Be a Hit, Stay Engaged with Your “No’s” & “Not Right Now’s” By: Brennan Scanlon Sales people have a nasty little habit of moving quickly from prospect to prospect, appointment to appointment.  Sales books and CD sets have told us this for decades.  It’s a numbers game.  Every no gets you […]

This one is for Sales People and Sales Managers…

Why do companies teach cold calling and not referral marketing? I have worked for 2 broadcasting companies in my professional career and all they EVER talked about was cold calling, the #’s of calls made, call reports, BLAH BLAH BLAH. They never focused on quality, just raw numbers. I always did a great job for […]

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