Day 13 – The Puzzle

What makes you and me different when compared to our competitors?

My competition are MASSIVE ventured backed marketing firms and heritage media companies.

Your biggest competitors are the chains with massive budgets.

So what makes us different?  WE DO!  Our difference is US.

Those companies are faceless and their voice is that of advertisements and business catch phrases.  

This is why I feel so strongly about you and I being visible in our marketing.  Blogs, podcasts and social media video are ALL FREE and an amazing way to associate a personality with a business.  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from restaurant owners about their comfort in doing business with America’s Best Restaurants and Repeat Returns due to the fac that they know who’s behind it, see me online every day and know I’m a phone call away. 

And that’s on a national level, imagine the power you could have in your backyard…it’s a GOLD MINE and it’s how you build a legendary business. 

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