Day 12 – The Puzzle

Your BODY is the next piece of the puzzle. 

Mind, Body & Spirit is a saying I live by.  Every day I need to do more to improve my mind, body and spirit.  And if there’s one of those 3 I see WAY TOO many people in the restaurant business neglect, it’s their body.  

I hear the excuses all the time “I’m too busy to workout” or “I’m around food all day, it’s so tough.”

I get it, we’re ALL BUSY and we all have those temptations every day.  And while you may have think you have it worse being around the Mountain Dew gun and fried foods, you’re also around trained chefs that can make PERFECTLY balanced meals for you everyday. 

Your body is what will unlock your ability to run faster and harder than you ever thought you could.  

What got me thinking about this was the transformation I made the past 14 ago was the past 4 days.  On Thursday night I went for a 30 minute walk while in Vegas.  On Friday night I had a tough CrossFit workout that included Ring Muscle-Ups and burpees box jumps.  On Saturday I got up and did some weight lifting with some friends from 7am-8am, did the 8am CrossFit class, did a 10am Kick Boxing class and then walked 1.5 miles with my wife (and this lady walks FAST).  And finally on Sunday I ran my 4.6 mile hill and stairs run I do every week.  

I’ll be honest, on the way down the hill for my 2nd lap I was HURTING!  I was not feeling it, but then I remembered a quote I had heard recently talking about how proud you feel after you accomplish something tough, and I sucked it up and finished the run.

Saturday alone was crazy.  I can tell you that 15 years ago the weights and MAYBE the walk would have happened, but no way CrossFit or the Kick Boxing better yet stacked on top of those items.  

This is why I can fly coast to coast in two days, speak all day at conferences, run my business and still find time for my family.  I’m priortized my body, and I’m begging you to do the same.

It’s not tough and you don’t need anything special.  Go outside and WALK.  Do some squat sits on a chair, do some situps and curl a case of coke. You don’t need a fancy gym or trainer.  You just need to move every day, a little more than the day before.  

If you’re just starting out with this, here’s a VERY easy yet highly effective workout.

1st – EVERY week you’re going to increase this by 1 minute on the walk and 1 rep on the movements

– Walk for 10 minutes

– 10 air or chair squats

– 10 pushups

– 10 lunges

– 10 situps


And like I said, add to it. So in week 2 it’s an 11 minute walk and 11 reps of each.  Within a year you’ll have an hour walk and 60 or so movements to do on each and I can PROMISE YOU this one change will change your life.  

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